Inspired by the late works of Tom Wesselmann, I began this series with the notion of holding a drawing like a physical object in space. After capturing the act on film, the drawings were fixed onto a permanent support and presented as a series of collage.

This series of drawings are focused on the classic artistic traditions of still life and botanical studies. Drawn on an iPad, the series explores the beauty of natural forms through 21st Century means.

Collectively titled CMYK:ARRANGEMENTS, these new paintings are translations of digital drawings. Executed in fluid acrylic on transparent PVC, the images are developed by using the reversal painting techniques of the Middle Ages.

Tian Ran, 天然, a Chinese poetic description of Nature, literally translates as naturally formed or heavenly made. The thirty-eight prints and collages of this series explore this concept through the quiet and majestic poetics of abstract landscape.

The Zhin Tu Series explores the possibilities of chance operation. Allowing process to create the work resulted in a remarkably focused series that invokes one clear and concise subject: the natural world.